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Dog Training

Classes Starting Soon!

Email Nita at for scheduling. 

The Complete

Two weeks

(6 months of age or older)

Training package, $1,000 per week. (2 weeks is recommended.)  E-collar is NOT included in the price.*

  • Your dog should be at least 6 months of age or older and will be required to stay with us for 2 weeks in order to complete the program. E-collar conditioning is included at the end of the program.

  • *​Note:  You are required to purchase an E-collar.  Break of Dawn can acquire one for you for an additional fee or you can go online and pre-order one yourself to bring with your pet.  We recommend the Garmin Sport PRO, Sportdog model 425S.   (

For anyone that has tried to use the E-collar themselves and was unsuccessful, we can usually correct that training. This will take longer because we will need to reverse any prior training. 

  • ​Your dog will experience all that Basic training entails, but then we progress to what we call Formal Training. This covers: desensitizing them to common and uncommon daily distractions, negotiating and going over, around, and through obstacles to build confidence and trust. Finishing up the last week by doing all of these things off-leash, with collar conditioning at the end.

  • ​You will have control in high-pressure/distracting situations, up close and from a distance. This means that we will work with your pet to ignore other people, animals, and objects that you may encounter during your daily routine that could be an issue. You will need to be specific if you have a current problem.

  • Fee includes boarding, playtime, and training. Shots must be up to date.

Puppy Program

1 week: basic obedience  

(4 to 6 months of age)

Training for 1-week program $800.00

  • Dog should be 4 months old or older and should stay with us for the entire week.

  • ​Includes all on-leash work and some of the desensitizing and confidence training covered in the Complete program.

  • Fee includes boarding, play time, and training and shots must be up to date.

1-1 Training

One hour 

(any age)

1 hour/1 person/1 dog package:  $100.00

1 hour/2 people/1 dog package:  $125.00

  • This is a private session where you have our undivided attention to cover any training /behavior issue. This can be for unwanted behaviors and how to correct. From desensitizing and confidence building for owner and pet, to more common things like biting, jumping on people, not pulling on the leash, etc.

  • A single session is at least one hour and shots must be up to date

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