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Breeding Program

There is no difference in pricing based on sex or color for any puppies.

Our puppies are great for companions or hunters.

Most will come from titled backgrounds and with an AKC limited registration.


We guarantee our puppies against birth defects.  Click here for our guarantee.

All new owners must register their puppy with AKC within the first 4 months of age or the guarantee is null and void.

Important Note:

Unless you have an arranged appointment with Nita, the puppies are seen by appointment ONLY

This is to keep them healthy and safe and NO ONE can see them until after Vaccinations have been done!!!  At that point you only have another 7 days until you can meet your precious new family member! We also recommend that new pet owners look into Pet Insurance that covers injury and infectious diseases. 


Labrador Retriever Puppies

Pet/Companion puppies are $1,500.00.

No matter the gender or color. 

**No matter the gender or color, the price for any puppy that will be used for

Breeding Purposes (breeding rights) is $3,000.00**

This will need to be discussed with the owner, Nita Mawyer, and is to her discretion.

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