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Mountain Feist Puppy Info

We do not have any Mountain Feist puppies at this time.
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About our unique, multi-purpose Feist:

In the last 5 years our pups have been great family companions. Some pups from our previous 

litters have gone on to become service dogs. But some have also, showing the right signs, have been used for squirrel hunting, and tracking (blood trail). If you have a farm or grow crops, the Feist is known to get rid of the varmints on the farm.         

Small/medium Dog 20 to 30lbs, nice tight short smooth coat, minimal shedding, very healthy and hearty. This breed does well in all seasons inside and outdoors.

Pricing : Red $500

            Black $450

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Mountain Feist 
Here are our Mountain Feist Parents


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The Mountain Feist is a true all-American dog!

Often mistaken for a Jack Russell Terrier mix, these dogs were first bred from Terriers in the United States.

At the start of the century this dog was exceedingly rare, and yet this decade these dogs are starting to make a comeback due to their popularity as a family pet.

Not to be confused with the larger Mountain Cur, this active dog is a great pet for active families and homesteads.

Mountain Feist Breed Summary

Size 14 to 18 inches in height

Weight 12 to 30 lbs

Lifespan 13 – 18 years

Breed Type: Hunting and Treeing Dog

Purpose: Ratter / Terrier

Suitable For Active Families, Singles, Or Couples

Color Variations: Light Brown, Black, Brindle, Silver, Cream, Sable, Blue, Red, Fawn, Gray, White

Temperament: Curious, Intelligent, Active, Noisy

Other Names: American Feist, Mountain Terrier

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